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Gamify Your Loss Control Training

Loss Control Trivia Game

Gamify Your Loss Control Training

Did you know…

42% of Americans play games 3 times per week.

The average game player is 35 years old.

Average time a single internet video watched is 2.7 minutes.

Average attention span has dropped 35% since 2000.

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Loss Control Trivia Game

Today’s audiences require a different approach to a loss control training. KnowledgeTrac loss control trivia game utilizes gamification techniques to leverage people’s nautral desires for competition, achievement and status. The platform is designed for rapid deployment and customization of content allowing you to deliver safety trivia or compliance testing directly to your insured’s phone, tablet, or PC. Gamification can add a unique differentiator to your loss prevention program.

KnowledgeTrac provides MGA’s and Carriers with a 4 in 1 application for training, compliance, testing, knowledge assessments and a lead generation tool.

Gamified Loss Control Training

Gamification Can add a unique differentiator to your loss control program. Gamification applies game-design thinking to loss control training. Gamification techniques leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, and recognition. Increase training compliance by incentivizing insured’s to compete for prizes and personal recognition.

Knowledge Assessments

Use KnowledgeTrac to test knowledge of employees, employment candidates, consultant or producers. Integrate in to your talent acquisition process and produce improved results.

Compliance Testing

Measure learner’s knowledge improvement over time through spaced repetitive learning and testing. Create your own certification program for insured’s managers and employee.

Lead Generator

Use online multi-player industry trivia games to promote your program at trade shows and on your website as an engaging lead generation tool. Displaying a real-time digital leaderboard at your next trade show conference leverages the competitive nature of trade show attendees and drive more traffic to your booth.

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