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Loss Control Training Online

Customized to your insured’s work environment and loss data.

Loss Control Training Online

Customized to your insured’s work environment and loss data.

Contact Us: 480-999-3492

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Online Loss Prevention Training

Insure-Learn takes a targeted approach to loss control training online. We work with Program Administrators, MGA’s, Insurance Carriers and Self Insured Groups to isolate your top areas of loss and create short bite-sized loss control training online courses focused on your high incident and severity claims. Training is customized to your insured’s work environment which is proven to be more effective in creating behavioral change. Targeted training tied together with intuitive online learning portal provides 24/7 online access and distribution of training content along with management tracking and reporting. Learn More

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber-crime is increasing at an alarming rate with no predicted end in sight. The majority of cyber threat exposure is due to employee error. An important step to reduce a company’s risk of a cybersecurity breach is employee training, but this isn’t yet prevalent. CyberSecure is a best in class, comprehensive online cyber security awareness training program, that focuses on reducing threats related to the most common cyber security threats in the workplace. Now Program Administrator, MGA’s and Insurance Carriers who offer cyber insurance coverage can provide their policyholders with cyber security awareness training at a fraction of the cost available online. Learn More

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OSHA Training

Quickly communicate the major safety issues related to areas where claims and losses are high. Our courses are a tactical approach to typical safety training that has become steeped in regulation, longwinded and ineffective for today’s low attention span audience. Safety Essentials online safety courses are based on the OSHA QuickCard and target the top loss areas based on OSHA violation data. Courses can be customized to your program’s Industry and claims data. Learn More

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Loss Control Trivia Game

Some audiences require a different approach to loss control training online. KnowledgeTrac utilizes gamification techniques to leverage people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, and status. The platform is designed for rapid deployment and customization of content allowing you to deliver safety trivia or compliance testing directly to your insured’s phone, tablet, or PC. Learn How gamification can add a unique differentiator to your loss control program.

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Learn how you can reduce losses and provide a value-added differentiator to your policyholders.

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